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Alex Littlewood Models,Actors / Male 35+


Hair:Dark BrownEyes:Green

Experience & Skills


2004-2008   Bachelor of Arts (Performance), Curtin University of Technology


2019 One Man Two Guvnors (Lead) Deborah Lind, Remarkables Theatre

2019  Radio Chaos (Support) Margaret O’Hanlon, Whirlwind Productions

2019Avenue Q (Support) Bryan Aitken, Showbiz Queenstown

2010 Bone-Chiller (Lead) Lynne Devenish,Garrick Theatre

2008 Aladdin – Story of a Boy (Lead) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Theatre Company

2008  The Three Brothers(Lead) Frederic Amoroso, Hayman Upstairs

2008 Sweet (Lead)  Ailish Lyndon, Hayman Upstairs

2008 The Not So Brave Tin Solider(Lead) Nicole deGregerio, Hayman Upstairs

2008 Daniel the Boy (Lead) Tristan Pearcy, Hayman Upstairs

2008 The Threepenny Opera (Support)Leah Mercer, Hayman Theatre Company

2008 Deaths of Trotsky (Support) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Upstairs

2008 All in the Timing (Support) Kat Shaw, Hayman Upstairs

2008 Saxon Shore (Lead) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Theatre Company

2008 You Are Here (Support) Leah Mercer, Hayman Upstairs

2008 Paws (Lead) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Upstairs

2008 Richard III (Lead) Michael McCall, Hayman Theatre Company

2007 Babes in The Wood (Lead) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Theatre Company

2007 Inner Voices (Support) Donald Pulford, Hayman Theatre Company

2007 Phaedra’s Love (Lead) Whitney Richards, Hayman Upstairs

2007 The Removalists (Lead) Duncan Sharp,Hayman Theatre Company

2007 Müller (Support) Alan Chambers, Hayman Upstairs

2006 Cinderella (Support) Duncan Sharp, Hayman Theatre Company

2006 Trojan Women (Support) Donald Pulford, Hayman Theatre Company

2005 The Joss Adams Show (Lead) Jamie McLeve, Hayman Upstairs

2003Blackrock (Lead) Helen Carey, BCC Production

2003 Bugsy Malone (Lead) Helen Carey, BCC Production

2003 Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lead)Helen Carey, BCC Production

2002 Annie (Lead) Helen Carey, BCC Production

2002 The Power is Yours (Lead) Helen Carey, BCC Production



2008 The Chalky White Substance, Tennessee Williams,Hayman Upstairs

2007 Nobody Here but us Chickens, Peter Barnes, Hayman Upstairs

2007 Not as Bad as They Seem, Peter Barnes, Hayman Upstairs

2006 The League of Semi Superheroes, Smith and Dixon, Bakery Complex



2006 Ubu-Roi Lighting Design, Hayman Theatre

2006 The Wind in the Willows Sound Design, Hayman Theatre



2019  One Lane Bridge - Great Southern TV: Speaking Role - Medic

2019  Go Orange – Stills Feature

2010 Shangra-la (Lead)  Tim Fox,  Curtin University



From June 2009 until 2012, I worked for the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation as a performer. My role there required me to perform in over 15 live plays and 20 puppet shows, to school children in Australia.


Based in Perth, Australia 



Full Member of AAANZ Actors Agents Association of NZ ​I​nc.

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